British Columbia’s Golden Triangle: One of the Richest Depositories of Metal on the Planet

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British Columbia’s Golden Triangle:
One of the Richest Depositories of Metal on the Planet

AUX is a gold-silver explorer that has consolidated a commanding land position in one of the most richly mineralized regions in the world. We are committed to creating shareholder value by applying our geological expertise in the quest for large-scale discoveries.

AUX is focused on the Stewart Camp, at the south of the Golden Triangle, an area that has been overlooked by modern explorers after several big discoveries attracted attention further north. AUX spent a decade consolidating a large land position and is conducting some of the first comprehensive exploration in this part of the Golden Triangle.  Each project was acquired for its specific geological merit. For example, some of the properties were acquired where historic production or documented occurrences provided solid evidence of gold/silver mineralization in a geological setting permissive of large-scale deposits.

The Golden Triangle region of Northwestern British Columbia is one of the most richly mineralized areas in the world. The gold endowment equals that of Nevada’s Carlin Trend, generally recognized as the largest accumulation of gold in the Western Hemisphere.

The Golden Triangle’s tally of gold ounces represents only half of the contained metal value, as the region also hosts an equivalent value in silver, copper, lead, zinc and other metals.

The Golden Triangle is at a much earlier stage of exploration than the Carlin trend. Over time, the delineated metal endowment has the potential to rise significantly as exploration turns up new discoveries.

The Northwest BC deposits are dominated by large porphyry copper-gold deposits, but the region also hosts a variety of other deposit types. For example, Eskay Creek, a volcanogenic massive sulphide (VMS) deposit, produced 3 million ounces of gold and 160 million ounces of silver from ore with a spectacular grade of 49 g/t gold and 2,406 g/t silver. That deposit was so rich that Barrick transported the untreated ore to a smelter in the United States.

Pretium Resources production from its Valley of the Kings epithermal vein deposit in 2017. Several drill intercepts at VOK exceeded 10,000 grams per tonne, which is 1% gold, an astonishing concentration, when the average grade of a gold deposit globally is less than 1 g/t. One interval returned more than 40,000 g/t (

The Golden Triangle is the central part of a much more extensive mineralized district that also encompasses several large deposits south of Stewart and extends beyond the northern border of British Columbia.

Please visit Northwest BC Geology 101 to get a high-level geological overview to understand how the area has become so richly endowed with metal.

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